nice boobs and nice ass isn’t a requirement from my girl. like i ain’t gon turn down a shawty wit a perfect personality and a beautiful face cause she don’t got no body. body is icing on the cake but pound cake ain’t got no icing and i fuck wit that heavy. 

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Unarmed people are getting shot and killed by the police.
Protestors and journalists are being tear gassed and arrested.
Christians are fighting for their religious freedom in the Middle East.
Innocent civilians are being used as human targets in Gaza.
One of the worlds scariest and most…

  • suburban, white conservative: "PRO LIFE! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!"
  • *black child gets shot by cop*
  • suburban, white conservative: *crickets chirping*



I would rather shit my pants and board a bus to Minnesota than read a tweet about how much you hate Taylor swift